Monday, May 19, 2008

37 Weeks

Today marks our 37th week of pregnancy! This is an exciting milestone because we know that Junebug (or JB as we usually call "it") is fully "cooked". All of the baby's systems are fully developed, and now we are just waiting for JB to decide when he/she wants to leave their uterine home. I've told JB numerous times today that eviction is eminent within the next 4 weeks, and he/she really needs to think about moving on out. Of course we all know that babies have their own agenda when it comes to heading out. Nathan really thinks that JB will be an early bird, but I am a skeptic. This is not to say that I would mind if JB came a week or two early, but I know the baby is way too comfortable nestling his/her feet up in my ribs.

Aside from the approximately 6 and a half pound human that I'm carrying around 24/7 I've been feeling great. After all of the horror stories that have been recounted to me about the last few weeks of pregnancy I must admit I was a little nervous. So far I still have energy, and very few aches and pains. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely harder to move around, roll over in bed at night, get in and out of the car, etc. but these are just minor annoyances I've learned to cope with. I've included a 37 week belly picture. Hopefully this will help you understand why JB is going to be evicted soon. The bambino is definitely running out of space.
Until next time...
The Farleys

Saturday, May 10, 2008


We have avoided posting a blog for quite some time now. Unfortunately there are many excuses for our procrastination. Setting up a family blog is always something that we have put on next week's to-do list, which subsequently gets moved to next month's list. I must admit intimidation has also factored heavily into the delay of starting a blog. I am sure everyone has read the blogs containing deep insight, heavy thinking, and the pondering of some great social issue. All we really want is to share minor family happenings (with the occasional insightful thought of course). Plus, maintaining a blog takes commitment (sigh).

In any case, with Nathan and I awaiting the birth of our baby we've decided to stop procrastinating and start chronicling our adventures! With family members scattered far away (literally worldwide), and friends that are constantly being relocated by the Army we decided we needed a new way to keep in touch with people. So, here we are!
The Farleys