Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Longest Week

We've had a really long, tumultuous week. Many of you already know that Addie spent a full 7 days as a patient at UVA.
Addie narrowly escaped having a feeding tube inserted due to the progress we were able to make with feeding therapy. In the week prior to being admitted we found out that Addie lost a net total of a pound. She's never been a great eater, but she quit eating entirley in the two weeks prior to our admission.

On top of her inability to gain weight we found out that she had RSV. Uggghh....I mistakenly thought RSV only happened to formula fed/daycare babies. In actuallity almost everyone gets RSV in their lifetime, but it's only serious in babies. Luckily Addie's RSV never reached her lungs even though she was coughing. Although I have no proof, I am attributing this to all of the antibodies she receives in her breastmilk. The worst part about having RSV is being put on isolation. She got over the RSV in about 2 days, and I had to keep her entertained in a 10 x 10 room for 5 days. This was NOT an easy feat.

When we left yesterday Addie got back up to 14 pounds. She needs to gain 2 full pounds to be in the 3rd percentile on the weight charts. I am determined to do this, although Dr. Borrowitz said it could take months to accomplish. Not only will she be on continued eating therapy, but she also is taking an appetite stimulant. Fortunately the side effect of this medicine is that she sleeps more. Umm...where was this drug 4 months ago when she stopped eating and sleeping?

I must say that I enjoyed working with top-notch doctors at UVA. We were never brushed under the rug, and they took our situation very seriously. We even have an appointment with the specialist who saw us in the hospital in two weeks. Yes, that's right, some doctors aren't too busy to actually see/treat their patients. Am I still bitter about the previous medical betcha.

Addie on admission day. She didn't move from this position.

Addie on day #3