Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Diamonds, and Emeralds, and Pearls, Oh My

So Addie has really been into jewelry lately. One day she found my jewelry box, and the rest is history. Nathan and I humored her a bit by letting her wear a necklace for like 1 minute (strangulation hazard). She was in hog heaven. We then moved the jewelry box out of her reach, which she continued to find and get into.

I don't know where her fascination in jewelry came from. I like jewelry, but haven't been wearing it for awhile. Before Nate was home I was lucky to get a shower, or have time to put makeup on. Needless to say, accessorizing was rarely a top priority. I think that Addison got her need to accessorize from her Nana, although I can't be positive.

A couple of days ago we were all eating breakfast and of course Addie was finished before Nathan and I had even started eating. She went into the kitchen to play in her drawer, which is filled with plastic bowls, cookie cutters, and other various kitchen items. When she came back into the dining room she was wearing sippy cup lids AS BRACELETS. She was so proud of her new jewelry!

Nathan is convinced that he will be buying Addie diamonds before she's 3. My oh my!

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