Saturday, September 19, 2009

Miss Manners

The fastest way to melt my heart:
Cue the sweetest little sing song voice ever heard in all the land. Tank eww (Thank you) says the adorable little voice when given a toy that is just beyond the reach of her diminutive little body. It is by far my favorite thing to hear her say (other than Mama of course).

Addie's language has developed by leaps and bounds this month. Our little 15 month old is learning how to communicate verbally! She can say a couple of phrases (ok, some are really just compound words!) Sentences are just around the corner.

Other words learned this month:
  • Moe (more)
  • Bubbas (bubbles)
  • Anna (Anna is our neighbor)
  • Diepah (diaper)
  • Bah (ball)
  • Duck
  • Ahh done (all done)
  • Addieee (Addie)
  • Hiiii Daddeeeee or Hiiii Mama
She has also learned animal noises as well. She knows that a cow says "moooooo", and that a sheep says "baaaah baaaah". She can also identify all of her body parts.

The video below pretty much speaks for itself. You've just got to love the bubbles in her hair!

I do realize that I ended a sentence with a preposition in that sentence. Having a child acquiring language makes me that much more aware of grammatical shortcomings. I'm working on it.

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